AW: [vdr] False "video data stream broken"

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Sat Jun 17 07:34:07 CEST 2006

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> Situation: an incomplete recording of a programme on BBC Three. The
> recording was started just before the changeover between CBBC and
> BBC3, and I use a recording margin of three minutes; the recording
> was started at 18:57.   
> The "video data stream broken" timeout was reached, resulting in an
> emergency exit. Of course, vdr can't be restarted immediately, and
> runvdr (mine) decided to sleep for five minutes because of too many
> restart attempts in too short a time... whoops, there go the first
> few minutes of the programme which I wanted to record...    
> Maybe I should put in a short delay in runvdr.c to make this less
> likely. Or I could increase MAXBROKENTIMEOUT. Or perhaps VDR should
> be fixed so as not to assume that no data == broken stream if it can
> receive *any* other data from the same multiplex, or maybe channels
> could be individually protected against updates...?    

I don't know how long the gap is, but have you tried to increase

#define MAXNONUSEFULDATA (10*1024*1024) in remux.c ?

This defines how much data with garbage is accepted before VDR tries to

Just my 2 cents


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