[vdr] Re: USA channels.conf for analog 'pvrinput'

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Jun 18 12:18:52 CEST 2006

Hi Simon,

Simon Baxter wrote:
> I've never had any reply to this.
> Can anyone help me work out the right format for an analog channels.conf 
> ????

I don't know if this helps, but my analog channels are looking like this:

ARD analog:196250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:28106:0:0:0
ZDF analog:210250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:28006:0:0:0
3SAT analog:119250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:28007:0:0:0
MDR analog:161250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:28204:0:0:0
NDR analog:147250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:28224:0:0:0
WDR analog:154250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:28204:0:0:0
BAYERN analog:224250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:28107:0:0:0
ARTE analog:259250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:28109:0:0:0
CNN analog:287250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:28512:0:0:0
Eurosport analog:266250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:8101:0:0:0
DSF analog:252250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:900:0:0:0
MTV analog:294250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:28643:0:0:0
SAT.1 analog:189250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:46:0:0:0
KABEL 1 analog:168250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:899:0:0:0
PRO 7 analog:217250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:898:0:0:0
VOX analog:126250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:12060:0:0:0
RTL analog:203250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:12003:0:0:0
RTL 2 analog:273250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:12020:0:0:0
Super RTL analog:133250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:12040:0:0:0
TELE5 analog:175250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:8010:0:0:0

These are of course PAL, and I generated them long time ago with
w_pvrscan wich you can get here:
I don't know, however, it it works for NTSC. At the moment I'm using
ivtv-0.6.2 and the scan utility is not working either, with this
version, but vdr-1.4 + pvrinput-0.1.1 does.


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