[vdr] Re: USA channels.conf for analog 'pvrinput'

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Sun Jun 18 19:21:45 CEST 2006

>> Hi Simon,
>> Simon Baxter wrote:
>>> I've never had any reply to this.
>>> Can anyone help me work out the right format for an analog channels.conf
>>> ????
>> These are of course PAL, and I generated them long time ago with
>> w_pvrscan wich you can get here:
>> http://free.pages.at/wirbel4vdr/w_pvrscan/index2.html
>> I don't know, however, it it works for NTSC. At the moment I'm using
>> ivtv-0.6.2 and the scan utility is not working either, with this
>> version, but vdr-1.4 + pvrinput-0.1.1 does.
>> Lucian

It did find a bunch of channels

but has labelled them as I999 (PAL).

If I run VDR 1.4.0 with either this config, or with I999 replaced with I0 
(NTSC), both result in VDR reporting 'Can't Start Transfer Mode' and the 
std-out error:

 VIDIOC_S_STD failed, 9:Bad file descriptor

Any ideas?

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