[vdr] xineliboutput plugin, kanotix-vdr LiveCD future

Peter Weber peter_weber69 at gmx.at
Sun Jun 18 22:11:49 CEST 2006

Hi Petri!

In the future, i will try and use your plugin with kanotix-vdr live-cd, because i must not patch libxine1. see
(kvdr200601.iso downloaden)

I use your plugin for vdr and xine, but compared to the other xine plugin (from Reinhard), which requires a patched libxine1, display's NO SIGNAL  yours don't  - just black, thats not that good.

When someone just sees a black screen, it is not so good, maybe use a different image for radio stations.

One other thing would be cool: multiple clients to watch different tv stations - of course on same transponder or with more than one DVB card. Is that possibe or only using streamdev-client/server on a full VDR install?

The last thing i found: the Xine-Lib option allows to playback a movie only when used with localhost - it did not stream over net here. Also the picture viewer did not work at all.


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