[vdr] xineliboutput plugin: how to control vdr from xine-ui?

syrius.ml at no-log.org syrius.ml at no-log.org
Tue Jun 20 11:15:42 CEST 2006

"Peter Weber" <peter_weber69 at gmx.at> writes:

>> > i'll try to replace vdr-xine by xineliboutput this evening back at
>> > home.
>> it works quite well.
>> I'm using rtp/multicast since it happens more than 1 tv are used at the
>> same time.
>> I have encountered a freeze/bug with xine+xineliboutput. I did happen
>> one time, xine froze and i had to kill -9 it. I'll try to find a way
>> to reproduce it if it happens regularly.
> i tested with 2 clients, used tcp (better for slow network). One xine client froze because the network (wireless lan) was to slow.
> After i used one client with 100Mbit Lan, all went ok.
> I used for 100Mbit Lan udp connection.
> sirius, why does you use rtp? What is better?

I'm also using it on 100Mbps LAN.
I use rtp because theoricaly it looks like the best way to have
several frontends watching the same channel (even if ideally i'd like
to be able to watch different ones).

atm i have encountered with rtp:
 - freeze, have to kill -9 xine.
 - lost of sound, have to restart xine and the sound comes back.

I'll give tcp/udp a try to see if I have the same issues.


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