[vdr] VDR help - xine engine error

Iain iain at bigserver.dnsalias.net
Wed Jun 21 00:36:13 CEST 2006


Peter Weber wrote:

>>I run
>># vdr -Pxine in one console
>># xine -p -s vdr in other console
>xine vdr:/tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes
>not vdr:tmp.....
Well, I use xine -s vdr (autosearch the plugin called vdr). Just like I 
use -s dvd (autosearch the plugin called dvd). Then again, this is with 
vdr-xine downloaded when I last compiled VDR (1.3.43)... Works a treat.
I do, however, have a "sleep 2" in my script after starting VDR, before 
starting xine; I think it was because I was seeing just that error; VDR 
startup takes a moment, before vdr-xine gets to create the pipes in 
/tmp... And if the xine-half doesn't see the stuff in /tmp, you'll 
probably get an error like that one...
If a short gap between the two doesn't help, have a look through syslog, 
there might be something else up...

Regards, Iain
W: http://www.triv.org.uk/~iain/

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