[vdr] hardcoded NTSC/PAL values in VDR? FEATURE REQUEST

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Wed Jun 21 00:57:27 CEST 2006

hotwings wrote:
> Any reason this can't be added in the next developement version?  

The idea behind the stable 1.4 development is that only low-risk changes 
will go into 1.4.x versions, and no new features. The risk for updaters 
has to be as minimal as possible. More progressive development will 
start with the 1.5.x builds.

In this situation:
- The patch is available for everyone who wants to try it
- AFAIK, VDR runs on NTSC and just has some minor problems
- A final fix would be considerably more complex (*)
- The chances are fixing it for a few NTSC users vs. risking to break it 
for many PAL users. Sorry.

(*) for example, this line:
-#define FRAMESPERSEC 25
+#define FRAMESPERSEC 30
This affects the timeline of recordings, correcting the length (in mins 
and secs) of NTSC recordings, but also breaks it for PAL recordings. 
Making it configurable is nice, but a 'real' fix should pick the right 
value based on the recording itself, so PAL and NTSC recordings can 



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