[vdr] VDR Help - Xine Engine error

Iain iain at bigserver.dnsalias.net
Wed Jun 21 01:24:13 CEST 2006


Gulab Chandra Yadava wrote:

># vdr -Pxine in one console
Looks good.

># xine 'vdr:tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes in other console (or #
>xine -p -s vdr)
First is wrong, as others have said; missing a /... Second should be OK.

>I get xine osd and I found screen is displayed with following error (If
>I click on VDR button)
Clicking the VDR button on xine should be fine too. Again, that works 
here. Can you please start vdr -Pxine, wait a moment, then "ls -lR 
/tmp/vdr*" (no quotes), please? "ls -ld /tmp" might also be useful.

>                        - xine engine error -
>In first console :-
>      Vdr-xine: Client connecting ...
>      ::write(65536) returned -1 error 32; broken pipe
>      Vdr-xine: Client disconnected!
>      Vdr-xine: Client connect failed!
That looks bad. From the looks of some of your earlier messages, you're 
running a distribution-customised or package-maintainer-customised VDR 
(normal VDR uses /video for config files, yours seems to use /etc/vdr, 
plus you seem to have a "vdr" user). Is this right, and if so what 
distro+version is this?
You also mention kernel 2.6.16; was this compiled yourself?
Your earlier mails also contains a log extract that mentions "switching 
to channel 1"; what're the first few lines of your /etc/vdr/channels.conf?

>And in /var/log/messages
>      ERROR: 13890 ring buffer overflows (2611320 bytes dropped)
I've only ever seen this with VDR tuned to a channel OK, but the output 
device was underperforming (eg disk that got hammered by something else, 
or filled up, or streamdev and a flaky client). I wouldn't think 
vdr-xine would cause this, especially as you've yet to connect xine to it...

>(similar message keeps on repeating)
Might I ask if it said anything immediately above this?

> Can anybody suggest me what wrong with vdr and vdr-xine.
Isn't that just a tad inflamatory?

Regards, Iain
W: http://www.triv.org.uk/~iain/

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