[vdr] vdr-screenshot-0.0.11

Joachim Wilke joachim.wilke at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 17:31:37 CEST 2006

Hello everyone,

a new version of the screenshot plugin is available:

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2006-05-30: Version 0.0.11
- fixed translation of "Show Date" (thx to Elchi)
- adapted Makefile to changes in vdr-1.3.47, regarding DVBDIR and APIVERSION
- changed "make dist" to produce *.tar.bz2 archives (suggested by
Thomas Günther)
- now really fixed the bug introduced with "show date" causing wrong file naming
- fixed crash when enabling "Show Date" and disabling "Hide Menu"
  (thx to Elchi for reporting and Michael Maucher for fixing)
- introducing delayed snapshot, which can be enabled in the plugin-settings:
  When selecting "Screenshot" in the main menu (or pressing the
corresponding key on your remote), the plugin waits for you to press
the Mute-key twice and then takes the screenshot(s). This way,
screenshots of arbitrary osd constellations can be taken. Till now
this was not possible, because pressing the  assigned remote-button
for Screenshot causes the osd to be closed.
- screenshots of osd menus are now named like the menu's title, not
like the current transmission behind
- reestablished backward-compatability with older vdr-1.3.* (reported
by Thomas Günther)
- various code cleanups and restructurations

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Download from: http://joachim-wilke.de/vdr-screenshot.htm


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