[vdr] DVB device discovery at startup

Anssi Hannula anssi.hannula at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 15:23:18 CEST 2006

Laz wrote:
> I've got one PCI DVB device and two USB DVB devices. Sometimes vdr would 
> only find one device, even though the others seemed to be working OK. 
> I've now tracked down why.
> vdr starts with /dev/dvb/adapterX/frontend0 where X = 0, increments X 
> until it can't access the device, and then stops looking. This is 
> probably the right way to do this but occasionally, I end up with the 
> following devices:
> /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
> /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend2
> /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend3

Do you mean:

This can happen in "normal" situations too: just unplug the USB DVB

> I have yet to work out what causes this but I'm pretty sure it has to do 
> with the USB driver and hotplug which somehow manages to load and unload 
> the USB drivers several times in succession! Unplugging the USB devices 
> and rebooting sorts them back to how they should be, i.e. 0-2 but it's a 
> pain if I don't notice and I end up with lots of timer conflicts because 
> only one device has been found.
> Obviously, this is a broken driver issue and vdr isn't really at fault but 
> is it worth allowing for a situation where a device may be 'missing' in 
> the sequence? Is there any simple way of determining how many devices 
> have been discovered, apart from looking in the log output, e.g. could 
> this info be added to the STAT SVDRP command or similar?
> I doubt this is a common issue and I'm not really after a fix: just 
> thought others might find the info useful!

Anssi Hannula

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