[vdr] vdr 1.4.1: Confused after /video full

Wolfgang Fritz wolfgang.fritz at gmx.net
Sun Jun 25 09:41:10 CEST 2006

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
> Wolfgang Fritz wrote:
>> I am running vdr 1.4.1. Some days ago I found it running in the morning.
>> It hadn't shut down after a recording. Trying a manual shutdown gave the
>> error message:
>> "Recording in -244 minutes. Really shutdown?" (not this message exactly,
>> but the German version). Pressing "OK" did not work, I had to log in to
>> a console and to do a "shutdown -h".
>> Reason: /video was full, no recordings could be deleted, so VDR tried
>> in vain again and again to start the programmed recording.
>> Shouldn't VDR stop its well meant but useless efforts at the latest if
>> the event to record is over?
> Didn't you get any "Not enough disk space to start recording!" messages?
> VDR shouldn't even start a recording if there is less than 300MB of free
> disk space.

I attach a trimmed and zipped syslog excerpt documenting the event.
During the editing I found that VDR was less confused than I thought:
The last timer event was still running when I found the VDR powered up
in the morning, but the log may be nevertheless interesting for you
because VDR managed to fill up the video partition to 100 %


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