[vdr] Re: softdevice & nvidia overlay issues (Stefan Lucke)

CR oauk32v02 at sneakemail.com
Tue Jun 27 13:24:43 CEST 2006

Dear Stefan,

Thanks for your response.

> > I'm using VDR 1.4.0-2, softdevice cvs 2006-5-30, nVidia 6200TC video card,
> > nVidia binary driver 8762, Xorg 6.8.1, TV-out (NTSC) @ 800x600x24bpp, GCC
> > 4.1.1 .
> Newer nvidia cards do not support Overlay mode:
> http://lists.berlios.de/pipermail/softdevice-devel/2006q1/001770.html

Wow, I'm blown away by this.  I had no idea nVidia would do something this
dumb.  The newer cards support XvMC, does this option help my situation
out any:

'Option "XvmcUsesTextures" "boolean" Forces XvMC to use the 3D engine for
XvMCPutSurface requests rather than the video overlay.' ?  I guess it
might if softdevice supports XvMC.

I noticed tearing during DVD playback using xine and mplayer, I guess it
is also because there is no video overlay support in my card.

> > For OSD, if I use "psuedo", in full-screen mode, the entire OSD "blinks"
> > when there is video and the OSD is not usable.  If I use "software" for
> > OSD setting, then OSD looks OK but when overlayed over video, OSD colors
> > are all wrong.
> Wrong OSD color only ?
> Or both video and OSD ?

The OSD color was messed up only when there was video (I was using the
"dvd" plug-in for VDR).  Without any video, the OSD colors look fine
(either psuedo or software).

> Use softdevice setup OSD and try to change the HUE value to max (100).
> If you can read german, have a look at this:
> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=49914&hilight=nvidia+AND+softdevice

No, I can't read German but I'll try this through a translation website.

> > I've seen similar behavior on a TNT2 using the opensource "nv" driver, and
> > other bizarre problems using ATI cards (both opensource and ATI
> > proprietary drive), so I think something in softdevice OSD code is
> > incorrect.
> Radeons (rv280:9200 and rv350:9550) work fine even with pseudo mode
> using Xorg 7.0 here. The limitation in pseudo mode is, that it is not a real
> alphablend mode.

I found with ATI, if the screen resolution was less than 800x600, than the
OSD very messed up.  That isn't a huge problem actually, but I just moved
to a PCI-Express system and all my ATI cards are AGP :( .

Also, ATI does not seem to support XvMC.  What is the status of XvMC
support in softdevice?

Best regards,

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