[vdr] vdr shutdown handling / streamdev plugin

Jörg Wendel vdr-ml at jwendel.de
Tue Nov 14 10:03:07 CET 2006


a question about the 'new' vdr shutdown handling implemented a few versions ago.

Every time i connect a client to the streamdev plugin the log is full of these message:

Nov 14 14:26:42 linvdr vdr: [8480] streamdev-server: no translation found for 'Streaming busy, can't shutdown' in language 1 (Deutsch)
Nov 14 14:27:13 linvdr last message repeated 31 times
Nov 14 14:27:19 linvdr last message repeated 6 times

This is the code i found in the streamdev plugin:

cString cPluginStreamdevServer::Active(void)
        if (cStreamdevServer::Active())
                return tr("Streaming busy, can't shutdown");
        return 0;

I know, it's bescause of the missing translation ;) 
But why vdr call this so often, isn't it only required if the vdr is going to shutdown?
Even without the log message, at first view it looks like unnecessary load?


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