[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR maintenance patch 1.4.3-1

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Oct 8 15:17:42 CEST 2006

VDR maintenance patch 1.4.3-1 is now available at


This is a 'diff' against version 1.4.3.

Small fixes to the officially released VDR versions will be first
made available as "maintenance patches" in the Developer directory,
so that they can be reviewed and tested before a new official
release is published.

So please apply the above patch and report whether it works (or
if it causes any new problems).

The changes since version 1.4.3:

- The function cThread::Cancel() now only sets 'running' to false and does not
   actually kill the thread if the special value -1 is given (suggested by Udo Richter)
- Changed the I18nNormalizeLanguageCode() check to also allow blanks (and all other
   printable characters) in the language codes (thanks to Boguslaw Juza for reporting
   that there are stations that use blanks in these codes). Blanks are replaced with
   underlines, so that all parts of VDR that rely on language codes to be one word
   (without blanks) work as expected.
- Now clearing an event's Title, ShortText and Description if there is no
   ShortEventDescriptor or ExtendedEventDescriptor, respectively (thanks to Boguslaw
   Juza for reporting that events without an ExtendedEventDescriptor may get
   duplicate information in their ShortText through the EPG bugfixes in case they
   are received again).
- Fixed handling video directory updates in case an other process has touched the
   .update file after the last NeedsUpdate() check (thanks to Petri Hintukainen).
- Fixed handling language codes and descriptions of recorded audio tracks on channels
   with multiple tracks where not all of them appear in the event data (reported by
   Boguslaw Juza).

Have fun!


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