[vdr] vdr-1.4.3-1.diff epg problems

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Mon Oct 9 18:19:05 CEST 2006

V Live wrote:
> I patched your vdr-1.4.3-1.diff against my vdr-1.4.3 version and since 
> the epg guide and vdr-yaepg plugin show "no title" in th epg. Seems that 
> there is an error there.
> However if I remove the patches to eit.c and eit.h but keep the rest of 
> the patch the epg guide works like it should.

Well, meanwhile I guess I found it.
The problem only occurs if there is external EPG data (with
table id 0x00). The attached patch should fix that.


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