AW: AW: [vdr] vdr-xine & xine-lib 1.1.2 (patch update)

martin martin at
Mon Oct 9 18:54:50 CEST 2006

I used the patches from this site ->

For me it looks like many patches are already in the cvs version. So
basically I only use these 3 patches:





As xine works fine, with as little as 3% CPU usage @ 1200MHz of a Pentium M
1,7GHz (XvMC) activated.

So why change more then necessary? Maybe Darren can give us some hints, for
what all those extra patches are needed.





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What about the patches for xine-lib @ are they being
maintained too?

"C.Y.M" <syphir at> wrote:

martin wrote:
> Hey Darren,
> since some days, the xine-lib has changed a bit, so your patches fail
> against version 1.1.3. I've updated all necessary patches, to make
> running with the current cvs version. You may want to update our patches
> your site!

What about "xine-lib_modify_expand_plugin.patch"?

Best Regards.

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