[vdr] Simultaneous streams with DVB-C USB (1.1)

Arthur Konovalov kasjas at hot.ee
Fri Oct 13 09:27:54 CEST 2006

Hello all!

Recently added Technotrend TT Connect C-1200 USB device to vdr (1.4.3-1).
All went fine, but one problem occurs.
If switch channel during recording on same mux frequency, picture become 
disturbed (both: recorded and watched) due to limited USB DVB device bandwidth 
(from card spec: 7 Mbit/s).

My questions are:
-is it any possibility to not allow change channel during recording on USB device?
-most important- how to force vdr switch to exactly timer-recording channel 
(even if it is on same mux frecuency)? As workaround I make 1 minute timer 
before actual recoding to different mux frequency, but it's nasty solution.


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