[vdr] DVD plugin - sound jerky??

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Fri Oct 20 16:59:35 CEST 2006

> May be you can analyse the structure of the DVD using IfoEdit ?

I'm not familiar with that?  Will have a look

> Chapters are a misconception.
> DVD consist of Domains, TitleSets, Titles, PGCs, PGs and Cells (top to
> bottom structure).
> Chapters are in fact only pointer markings optionally attached to PGs.
> The transitions between structural blocks get larger with higher
> structural level.
> E.G on PGC level it's almost like starting a new presentation, e.g. audio
> and video needs to be completely restarted.
> May be this were the VDR dvd-plugin has it's problems to play some
> structural transitions seemless.
> May be you can post a copy of the .IFO files on the questionable disc and
> I can give you some hints or advices
> (I work with DVD software profecionally and have access to all the specs
> and tools neccessary).
> kind regards Peter

Thanks Peter - I have posted the files from a problematic DVD :


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