[vdr] FF card substitute - Budget and PVR 350?

Richard Scobie r.scobie at clear.net.nz
Fri Oct 20 21:19:46 CEST 2006

Tony Houghton wrote:
> In <E1696631-2B3F-4259-9DE3-620A1B093CC3 at pobox.com>, Torgeir Veimo wrote:
>> You might still use a VGA card and get very good TV signal output.  
>> The matrox cards can do interlaced output with perfect field  
>> alignment. There might be some lip sync issues though, but the  
>> softdevice plugin gets better every day.
> My experience with softdevice is that even recently its A/V sync is quite
> poor. Xine is very good at syncing, but there's more lag when changing
> channels etc due to buffering. I'm now using df_xine with a Matrox G450.
>> Matrox cards can do composite and s-vga (and scart rgb with an  
>> adapter) output.
> You need an adaptor for S-Video and composite too, but you can buy one
> ready made from Matrox. It's not outrageously expensive, worth the money
> IMO to avoid some very fiddly soldering. Unfortunately they don't seem
> to sell one for RGB

Thanks both, for the suggestion.

I'd prefer to use the PVR 350 due to the low host CPU requirement and it 
seems like a natural replacement for the FF cards - IR, MPEG decoder and 
OSD all in hardware and at a reasonable price.



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