[vdr] FF card A/V sync suggestion

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Sun Oct 22 13:49:44 CEST 2006

On 10/22/06, C.Y.M <syphir at syphir.sytes.net> wrote:
> Are you thinking that mplayer might be dropping bad frames more
> efficiently than
> VDR?  Is it possible that VDR is not dropping the bad frames properly,
> thus
> causing dvbplayer.c to struggle when processing/forwarding the video to
> the FF
> DVB card? This is the command used when playing back DVB compliant VDR
> recordings to a FF card with mplayer:
> mplayer -vo mpegpes -ao mpegpes -framedrop -cache 4096 -slave -nolirc
> -quiet 001.vdr
> Notice that "-framedrop" is added to the command line.  I wonder if that
> is the
> reason why mplayer is "immune" to the a/v desync problem.
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Certainly I think the problem is that VDR is not properly doing sync,
especially with DVB transmissions that are prone to error (e.g. DVB-T). I
have tried virtually all of the hotplug firmwares and followed the DVB CVS
driver for the last few months and it doesn't make any difference. I also
use the cards digital output as well as the analogue out and it doesn't make
any difference there is always sync problems, especially after a glitch in
the stream. I think that VDR should regularly check and resync the audio to
the video, if it doesn't already. If it does, then there is a problem in the
process as it gets it wrong.


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