[vdr] VDR deletes directories

Johannes Schoeller schoeller at izeman.net
Sun Oct 22 14:44:55 CEST 2006

hi klaus

i run a plain-vanilla vdr (1.4.3) now and all those empty directories 
are gone. so it's definetly NO BUG in vdr. i assume it's bigpatch's 
fault. :(

regards hannes

Johannes Schoeller wrote:
> Matthias Fechner wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have the problem that VDR deletes directories in my /video0 or
>> /video1 ... which not belongs to VDR.
>> I use vdrconvert to convert my VDR recordings to DVDs so I have a
>> directory /video1/filme which VDR deletes and vdrconvert breaks.
>> Is it possible to deny the delete of this directory?
>> (vdr is running as root here)
>> Best regards,
>> Matthias
> i wish vdr would delete .del directories ;)
> here it doesn't clean up emtpy directories. never found out why. so i
> made a cronjob that does that for me ...
> regards hannes
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