[vdr] FF card A/V sync suggestion

Joerg Knitter joerg.knitter at gmx.de
Mon Oct 23 17:49:38 CEST 2006

Udo Richter wrote:
> Just talking about the case that I've reported. I experience such issues 
> only very rarely, and mostly related to bad reception. The reported 
> issue related to blackness is very specific to this channel.

Do you mean that this is e.g. just related to ATV+? Does Lost on 
ProSieben play without problems?
This problems also appeared with 24 from ATV+ (also black fades on 
counter jumps). Anybody commenting if there are also problems with 24 
recordings from RTL2?

I can also see some sync problems e.g. when I have cut a recording from 
Sat1. During playback, VDR often gets out of sync directly after a cut 
point so that I have to press "rewind" and "play" to get it back in sync 
again. I think that I have also seen some weird sync behaviour after 
jumping within a recording of e.g. WDR - pressing "rewind" and "play" 
also does help here.

Maybe this problem also is connected to recent problems with xinelibout 
and DVB-T: Switching to the ARD transponder here near Munich, the A/V 
sync sometimes takes about 20 seconds to get right, while other channels 
  give instant sound.
Everyone who wants to test it could take a look at the latest Kanotix 
version where VDR, xinelibout and some channels.confs are included so 
that it can be started directly from the live CD without installing.

With kind regards


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