[vdr] Viaccess Cam Update

Dominique Dumont domi.dumont at free.fr
Tue Sep 5 22:55:59 CEST 2006

Marco Goebenich <mg at vierzehn.com> writes:

> I got a problem while receiving TF1 (TPS France). I can tune to this
> channel, and then view the channels for about 20 seconds, but after
> that the stream stops, the screen is somehow distorted, if I switch
> again to TF1 I get the message "No right to watch" and the channel is
> never shown until I do a CAM reset.
> My Viaccess CAM has firmware version 1.07, and I tried to update the
> firmware to 1.08, I tried vdr-1.3.38 and 1.4.2, but after the message

What CAM brand ? What card are you using ?

Anyway, from my experience with my Nova-CI, I couldn't update my SCM
card with vdr. From what I figured out of budget-ci driver, the update
as described by SCM could not work (the driver sends a reset to the
CAM at the beginning of the update procedure.)

I finally sold my SCM CAM and bought an Aston. I has no problem ever

The other possibility is to update your CAM in a regular sat receiver
with a PCMCIA slot. 


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