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Jukka Palko jpalko at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 08:02:17 CEST 2006

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Rene Bartsch wrote:
>> Rene Bartsch wrote:
>>> Videgor is a peer-to-peer hard disc video recorder. With its help it is
>>> possible to record missed broadcasts from the past.
>> Great, last sunday there was a movie on finnish channel MTV3.
>> Plse inform how I can record that now.
> Videgor works with a VDR patch that allows to list the EPG and add timers
> up to 14 days in the past. If there is a timer which can't be handled by
> the own tuners - including timers in the past - Videgor tries to gather
> the chunks from other Videgor nodes which have recorded finnish MTV3 on
> last sunday ;-)

Funny thought. Are only those channels recordable via videgor that are
viewable with the system?

Let's say that persons a-x have purchased a subscription to some movie
channels and person z hasn't, but can nevertheless get the epg program
listings for that channel. Now person z installs videgor and some of the
persons from a-x have also sone so.

Person z selects a subscriber only channel program from past to be
recorded and videgor gets it for him from those other videgor installations?

Just thinking of the implications on a larger scale so that we don't get
 some distributors breathing down our necks. :) So, if you have
subscriber only channels, then it's best not to install videgor?

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