[vdr] Re: libxineoutput - A/V Sync

Tero Saarni tero.saarni at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 17:15:10 CEST 2006

Dave wrote:
> Im experiencing a problem with libxineoutput.  The video and audio are
> out of sync.  the settings for the plugin correct it good for one
> channel, but then are out for another channel, so Ive had to put it in
> the "middle" so its kinda out of sync equally across all channels, but I
> find it unacceptable.  I also have an A/V sync problem on another
> machine playing DVD's, where mplayer is fine, so I suspect it to be
> xine-lib, rather than the plugin, I am just wondering if anyone else has
> seen this.  VDR 1.4.0, CVS libxineoutput.  Latest xine-lib 1.1.2-r1 I
> believe.
> I shoud note that Im using spdif passthru.  the DVD playback on another
> machine is regular analog.

I'm also experiencing A/V sync problems with xineliboutput.  They
appeared when I switched from analog audio to spdif passthrough.

I haven't been able to correlate the problem with anything specific
but I think the format of the audio has an impact to the severity
of the problem: AC-3 streams are more likely to be out of sync
than PCM streams.

I also have occasional audio drop-outs.  It is possible that they
are caused by the coax cable but I suspect it might be software


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