AW: [vdr] Doubling my available VDR disk space without cost or loss of convenience.

Guido Fiala gfiala at
Tue Sep 12 19:41:53 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 12 September 2006 19:07, Carsten Koch wrote:
> Filesystem    Type    Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> /dev/hda2      xfs    147G   12G  136G   8% /
> udev         tmpfs    253M  236K  252M   1% /dev
> /dev/hdb1      xfs    149G   86G   64G  58% /vdr2
> /dev/hdc1      xfs    149G  115G   35G  77% /vdr3
> /dev/hdd1      xfs    149G  114G   36G  77% /vdr4
> athlon:/       nfs    148G  128G   21G  86% /athlon
> athlon:/mp3    nfs    233G  142G   92G  61% /athlon/mp3
> athlon:/vdr5   nfs    233G  107G  127G  46% /athlon/vdr5
> athlon:/vdr6   nfs    233G  141G   93G  61% /athlon/vdr6
> athlon:/vdr7   nfs    233G  179G   55G  77% /athlon/vdr7
> athlon:/vdr8   nfs    233G  170G   64G  73% /athlon/vdr8
> athlon:/vdr9   nfs    233G  210G   24G  90% /athlon/vdr9
> athlon:/vdr10  nfs    149G   75G   75G  50% /athlon/vdr10
> athlon:/video  nfs    233G  211G   22G  91% /athlon/video

Sounds like the core computer of the USS-Enterprise -
How many Terra-Quads are this? ;-)

...thinking about the wasted/unused terra-bytes on all those millions of 
systems out there in the net...

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