[vdr] Buffer overflow when playing mp3 with muggle and xineliboutput

Jens Auer jens.auer at betaversion.net
Wed Sep 13 19:49:38 CEST 2006

Whenever I try playing an mp3 file with muggle (0.1.11), the music 
constantly stutters every few seconds. I am using xineliboutput as a 
fronted with audio output over alsa, which works fine when I watch TV. 
It also works when I play a file with xineliboutputs integrated audio 
/var/log/messages shows one of the following infos every ten seconds:
[8895] [input_vdr] vdr_plugin_write: buffer overflow !  (2048 bytes)
[8895] [input_vdr] vdr_plugin_write: buffer overflow !  (560 bytes)

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