[vdr] problem running softdevice

Leo Márquez leo at calidae.net
Thu Sep 14 17:13:36 CEST 2006


I have followed the fantastic howto:


Every thing seems gone ok but I'm at this point with I try to start vdr.

dori:/usr/src/VDR# ./vdr -P"softdevice -vo dfb:cle266"
[softdevice] processing args
[softdevice]   argv [0] = softdevice
[softdevice]   argv [1] = -vo
vo_argv: dfb:cle266
[softdevice] enabling CLE266 HW decoding
[softdevice] initializing Plugin
[softdevice] Initializing Video Out
[softdevice] ffmpeg build(3345920)
[dfb] init
(*) DirectFB/Config: Parsing config file '/etc/directfbrc'.

        ---------------------- DirectFB v0.9.26 ---------------------
              (c) 2000-2002  convergence integrated media GmbH
              (c) 2002-2004  convergence GmbH

(*) DirectFB/Core: Single Application Core. (2006-09-11 17:14)
(!) Direct/Modules: Module 'libdirectfb_fbdev.so' did not register
itself after loading! Trying default module constructor...
(!) Direct/Modules: ... even did not register after explicitly calling
the module constructor!
(!) DirectFB/core/system: No system found!
[dfb] init EXITING:action=IDirectFB* DirectFB::Create(), result=No
(suitable) implementation found!

I hope someone understand whats my problem. I don't have the
knowledgements to understant what is wrong.
A lot of thanks.

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