[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR maintenance patch 1.4.2-3

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Sep 17 11:26:20 CEST 2006

VDR maintenance patch 1.4.2-3 is now available at


This is a 'diff' against version 1.4.2-2 (which is the official
version 1.4.2, patched with
ftp://ftp.cadsoft.de/vdr/Developer/vdr-1.4.2-1.diff and

Small fixes to the officially released VDR versions will be first
made available as "maintenance patches" in the Developer directory,
so that they can be reviewed and tested before a new official
release is published.

So please apply the above patch and report whether it works (or
if it causes any new problems).

The changes since version 1.4.2-2:

- Added --remove-destination to the 'cp' command for binaries in the Makefiles of
   the plugins (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- The 'skincurses' plugin now adjusts the size of the OSD to the size of the console
- Fixed deleting expired VPS timers (under certain conditions a timer could have been
   deleted before it even started recording).
- Updated the Hungarian language texts (thanks to Istvan Koenigsberger and Guido Josten).
- Fixed handling video directory updates in case the timestamp of the .update file
   is in the future (thanks to Petri Hintukainen).

Have fun!


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