[vdr] Channel sorting idea

Frank Scherthan frank.scherthan at gmx.de
Wed Sep 20 15:50:10 CEST 2006

Carsten Koch schrieb:
> I have tried to sort away channels that I do not care for into groups
> (using the existing channel group feature). The trouble with that is,
> that such a channel could change into a channel I do care for.
> Channels I do not care for include:
> *  Channels that I cannot decrypt.
> *  Channels that only have audio languages that I do not understand.
> *  Shopping / Advertizing / Porn 0900.
> *  Sports.
> *  Radio.
There are plugins that do what you want :)

It does all the wanted sorting in the background....

together with the decruft Plugin
(that removes unwanted channels) you will have a nice channel list.

And there are plugins like
that can keep a list of your fav. channels...

But I still want a categories-feature, too :)

Frank Scherthan

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