[vdr] Re: Channel sorting idea

CR oauk32v02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Sep 21 12:54:06 CEST 2006


Carsten Koch wrote:

> From my point of view, the main problem is that channels change every day.
> I am forced to keep track of that, which turns out to be a lot of work.
> I have tried to sort away channels that I do not care for into groups
> (using the existing channel group feature). The trouble with that is,
> that such a channel could change into a channel I do care for.

Usually for the channels that are changing, does anything remain constant,
i.e. the channel name?  I see similar issues, but for me the name is
typically the same.

> If there would be an automatic way to keep those 5 out, it would be much
> easier to group the rest (maybe using your "categorized" channels idea).

Perhaps another part of the channel-categories is a "blacklist"
feature/section which allows the user to block based on any of the items
that typically appear in the channels.conf (SID,PIDs,APIDs,channel name,

Hopefully it could be made userfriendly, so one could, for example, define
the language(s) one wants, and all others are optionally chunked into
blacklisted land.

It seems like the channels.conf + user-specified preferences is all that
is needed to remove and keep unwanted channels out.



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