[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] ExtRecMenu-Plugin 0.12a

Martin Prochnow martinprochnow at yahoo.de
Thu Sep 21 15:28:33 CEST 2006

Hi Herbert,

> just a quick question: I had some problems with
> VDR + ExtRecmenu when I tried to move recordings
> across mountpoints (with the rename option), which
> gave the stranges results ...

Moving recordings between different filesystems/partitions isn't 
implemented yet. Until now renaming and moving of recordings works with 
the rename()-function from the gnu-c-library. This function only 
redirect the pointer to the files within the filesystem. If I want to 
move a recording to another filesystem, i have to copy all the data to 
it. But I'm working on it.

> also I had to 'fake'
> an empty recording to allow for empty dirs to show 
> up at all ... is that fixed (read: was this feature
> added lately) or is that still an issue?

I build the directory-list from VDRs recordings-list. Empty directories 
will be deleted by VDR from time to time. Because of it I doesn't handle 
  empty dirs.


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