[vdr] Extension HD PCI from ReelMultimedia in August ?

Torgeir Veimo torgeir at pobox.com
Sun Aug 5 22:59:01 CEST 2007

On 4 Aug 2007, at 14:25, Igor wrote:

> Hello
> here http://www.reel-multimedia.de/shop/product_info.php? 
> products_id=223
> there's info about of selling this hardware h264 decoder in August.

This page says

» HDMI-port/output
» YUV-port/output (DIN)

I assume the DIN port means S-Video output? Is that then the same  
output down scaled to 576i, with correct field parity?

> and here there's first test's result
> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?postid=631271#post631271

Torgeir Veimo
torgeir at pobox.com

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