[vdr] WSS signaling with DXR3 cards

Kartsa kari at kniivila.com
Fri Aug 10 08:07:02 CEST 2007

Ville Skyttä kirjoitti:
> On Sunday 05 August 2007, Kartsa wrote:
>> At first I had
>> problems with getting DXR card to work with fedora core 7 but now
>> everything is otherwise fine but wss signaling does not seem to work. Do
>> I need to patch the kernel or em8300 or something to make it work? Or do
>> I still have to compile the CVS version of dxr3? Any pointers would be
>> preciated.
> The WSS patches are included in the em8300 modules shipped in Fedora, and 
> version 0.2.7 of the DXR3 plugin contains the WSS patch also upstream, no 
> patchwork needed.  Note that (AFAIK) you need an ADV7170 based DXR3/H+ for 
> this WSS stuff to work, and it needs to be enabled in the DXR3 plugin's setup 
> through VDR's OSD.
Thanks for the prompt responce.
Did not have chance to check the card before now. It was not an ADV7170 
based soI changed it to ADV7175. No luck though. Still no wss and tv 
must be changed by hand usint tv's remote. And I know the tv supports it 
because when using FF cards output it worked fine.

Any other hints? What should the parameters for adv717x module be?


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