[vdr] Understanding .po-translation

Torsten Kunkel vdrml at tkunkel.de
Tue Aug 28 09:11:12 CEST 2007


I've some problems understanding the "new method" for translation.
How do I have to start when programming a new plugin? Is there any kind of

For me it looks like I have to check every single line which is given in
the .po-files.
    #: hello.c:-->17<--
    msgid "Hello"
    msgstr "Hallo"

This means, if I add a single line at the top of the file, I have to
change every single linenumber in every .po-file. Or is this only a
unimportant comment?
This... well... I hope I'm on the wrong way....

Would be great if someone could enlighten me :)



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