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Sun Dec 9 15:57:29 CET 2007

  O_CLOEXEC (Since Linux 2.6.23)
        Enable the close-on-exec  flag  for  the  new  file  descriptor.
        Specifying  this  flag  permits a program to avoid an additional
        fcntl(2) F_SETFD operation to set the  FD_CLOEXEC  flag.   Addi-
        tionally,  use  of  this flag is essential in some multithreaded
        programs since using a separate fcntl(2)  F_SETFD  operation  to
        set  the  FD_CLOEXEC  flag does not suffice to avoid race condi-
        tions where one thread opens a file descriptor at the same  time
        as another thread does a fork(2) plus execve(2).

No use *now*, I know - too many people not yet using a new-enough kernel...

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