[vdr] What can be done to enhance watching HD Suisse ?

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Mon Dec 31 13:44:03 CET 2007


Gregoire Favre schrieb:

> I found vdrportal.de mostly hard to follow, I much prefer a ml... but
> anyway, thank for the info, I did compil again xine-lib-1.2 patched with
> your  xine-lib-ffmpeg_skip_loop_filter.diff but I don't see any
> improvment, I didn't understand if there were some other things to do
> (I also added the "video.processing.ffmpeg_skip_loop_filter:all" to my
> config and recompiled xine-ui).

a) compile an optimized version of ffmpeg by running configure with
--arch and --cpu like mentioned here:

b) try the revised patch which adds a further option to cheat decoding
for the sake of speed:

c) try setting


or even more for video_num_buffers e. g. 1500

d) choose a decoding thread count suitable for your machine like
mentioned in


I'm not sure whether multithreaded decoding can be activated for HD
suisse. Maybe it is possible with the above patch for "choose speed over

e) monitor the buffer usage output of --post vdr_video. The 3rd number
must not fall below 3. Otherwise your machine seems to be to slow.

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