[vdr] Frontend 0 timed out while tuning ...

Ales Jurik ajurik at quick.cz
Mon Dec 31 10:28:03 CET 2007

On Monday 31 December 2007, vdr at digestive.jpl.se wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm running VDR-1.5.10 patched with a DVB-S2+H.264 patch, my DVB-card is
> a HVR4000 using the multiproto tree patched with HVR4000 support.
> But I cant get any picture when I try to watch A DVB-S2 channel (DVB-S
> works)
> ...
> HD;Telenor:11421:hC23:S1.0W:25000:10513+513:644=eng;645=eng:0:B00:3306:70:1
> HD;Telenor:11421:hC23:S1.0W:25000:10514+514:648=sve,649=nor:0:B00:1404:70:1
>4:0 SVT
> HD;Telenor:11421:hC23:S1.0W:25000:10512+512:640=sve;641=sve:0:0:3801:70:14:

regarding to my experiences when trying to get initial tuning to DBV-S2 
station you have to tell to the vdr to change modulation standard to DVB-S2. 
I don't have Conax from Telenor, but you should change your :hC23: entry from 
station line to something like :hC23M5S1Z35: (guessed). The S1 is the most 
important part of this entry for initial tuninig.
S0 = DVB-S
S1 = DVB-S2 



> Is there anyone that can give me a hint where to start looking for the
> problem?
> Thanks!
> /Lars
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