[vdr] multiple video formats with fbxine

Tony Houghton h at realh.co.uk
Thu Feb 1 03:14:47 CET 2007

In <25874811.1170276660002.JavaMail.ngmail at webmail18>, you wrote:

> I am using fbxine with the xine-plugin.
> How can I browse a directory structure and and open the video-file
> and use lirc to control the presentation and return to the vdr menu

If your remote control supports /dev/input events, which I think is
standard for the ones that are connected to DVB cards, you can do a
similar thing to this with boxstar <http://boxstar.sourceforge.net>. But
you have to use xine only for VDR, and use MPlayer for other videos.
This is because if xine has an equivalent to mplayer's -slave option I
haven't found it. You need it to get most of the control while watching
videos, but while watching VDR the only control you really need over
xine is to be able to stop and start it; everything else is controlled
by VDR.

If you really have to use xine you could probably do this by using a
wrapper script to stop and start lirc.

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