[vdr] Feature Request: 10 Second Jump from BigPatch, "switch timer"

Rolf Ahrenberg rahrenbe at cc.hut.fi
Sun Feb 4 14:58:37 CET 2007

On Sun, 4 Feb 2007, Pasi Juppo wrote:

> Well, wouldn't the solution here be configurable jump length. Forward
> and backward jump separated so that 1min forward and 10s backward jumps
> are possible. This way most of the users would be happy.

Well, adding more of those configuration options just confuses most of 
the users, so I'd say no-no to this approach. However, if we cannot 
assing new keys, we could modify the behavious of current ones. If the 
key is repeated fast enough (<1s) the jump would be bigger than the 
previous (+10s -> +20s -> +30s -> +60s). In this way user could easily 
control the amount of skipping by pressing green/yellow buttons in 
different intervals.


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