[vdr] Transfer Buffer Overflow

thomas.lagemann at stud.tu-ilmenau.de thomas.lagemann at stud.tu-ilmenau.de
Fri Feb 9 14:02:03 CET 2007

Zitat von Reinhard Nissl <rnissl at gmx.de>:

> Hi,
> Thomas Lagemann wrote:
> > Just another thought about the timing: MPEG-2 defines rules for a system
> > target decoder, thats in charge for decoding and presenting the media at
> > the right time, using the PTS-stamps in the PES packets.
> > Is this usually done by the driver or is there a VDR instance that deals
> > with this.
> It's done in the driver / xine.
> But it shouldn't be to complicated to extract the PTS value from a TS
> packet. The PTS value is very near to the beginning of a PES packet and
> a bit in the TS packet tells you that a new PES packet starts in this TS
> packet.
> When you extract PTS for each PID and calculate the difference to the
> first seen PTS for each PID, then you evaluate, how much time should
> have passed since the beginning of the TS file. If you put this
> information in relation to the time passed in reality since opening the
> TS file, you can throttle the TS stream so that it doesn't overflow the
> buffers any more.
> BTW: keep in mind, that video PTS jump back and forth as the images are
> broadcast in decoding order while the PTS time stamps describe
> presentation order.

This works perfekt!
Thank you very much, for the idea :-)


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