[vdr] ERROR: video data stream broken on second dvb card , but szap works (include recording)

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sat Feb 10 20:39:58 CET 2007


Dieter Bloms wrote:

>> szap always sends DiSEqC commands, so I'd suggest to use VDR's
>> diseqc.conf. It's default section "Full DiSEqC sequence" is identical to
>> the tuning sequence that szap uses.
>> You may want to try the attached szap and VDR patch. You'll then get
>> some output while tuning.
> doesn't my driver or card support diseqc ?

Don't know. But have you tried DiSEqC with VDR (menu Settings - LNB)?

You might get similar messages but on the other hand, it might work ;-)

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