[vdr] ANNOUCEMENT: xmltv2epg

Rob Davis rob.davis at libero.it
Sun Feb 11 12:56:17 CET 2007

Pjotr Kourzanov wrote:
> Rob Davis wrote:
>> Pjotr Kourzanov wrote:
>>> Oops, forgot the scripts;-)
>>> Pjotr Kourzanov wrote:
>>>> Dear all,
>>>>   Having been dissatisfied with performance and features of xmltv2vdr
>>>> (too slow, no credits/category information in epg.data) I have created
>>>> a new script (based on AWK), that can be found in the attachment.
>>>>   If you want to try it, put your channels.conf.xmltv in one folder
>>>> with these two scripts, and then run cat *.xml | ./xmltv2epg > epg.
>>>>   My mileage: 54MB XML -> 18MB EPG in 44 minuties (xmltv2vdr used to
>>>> take 9 hours).
>> Looks good, but what does the command line look like?
> Well, do a "cat *.xml | ./xmltv2epg > epg" if you have many separate xml 
> files.
> Otherwise, ./xmltv2epg file.xml > epg should suffice.

Sorry chaps to go back to an old thread..

How would you send epg back into vdr?  I know you could just use it 
directly from vdradmin, but I would like to append the xmltv listings to 
data already downloaded.

Should I just cat >>epg.data - or do I need to upload it using an svdr 
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Rob Davis

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