[vdr] how to setup VDR with my hardware ?

Travel Factory S.r.l. mc8647tv at mclink.it
Fri Feb 16 17:21:19 CET 2007

In the last 3 years I have cumulated some different hardware gizmo and it is my goal to put them in production now.... but I'd like to hear from more expert people if feasible or not.

My VDR server is a 200mhz IBM netstation, with a Nexus DVB-S and a dvb-t card. netstation has been modified to host a notebook harddisk. it has a 100mbit lan. It is located in my "computer room" and connected to the kitchen tv via a CVBS (for viewing) and VGA (for configuring)

My other equipment is:
- Hauppauge MVP (unused)
- dlink 320 (dvd/divs player with lan connection using uPNP protocol) in living room
- a couple of other PC

Now I'd like to:
a) start using the MVP to connect to television in bedroom: I think that VOMPserver should be used
b) start using the dlink 320.... just for replay if realtime tv not possible.... I don't think there is an hook to vdr for uPNP servers... I may configure the server to "export" the VDR directory structure...
c) stream the live tv or replays to the notebook or the PC I usually use... what plugins/patches/setup/programs should I use on the VDR server and on the Windows or Linux (dual boot) PC ?

A link to documentation is of course ok.

Thank you,

PS: I know that a 200mhz server is nowadays wery outdated.... but it's chipset is a genuine intel and it is able to succesfully record up to 3 streams concurrently (but VDR responsiveness is really bad...). Other PC I may use have poor quality chipsets that can't handle that load, have AMD processors that need HUGE and noisy heatsink.....

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