[vdr] FF card AV sync problems, possible fix to VDR (fwd)

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Mon Feb 19 22:00:33 CET 2007


Kartsa wrote:

> My log is actually full of these.

The attached patch adds a TS packet logger to cAudioRepacker, which
stores the last 1000 TS packets that led to synchronization of
cAudioRepacker into a file to /video.

In your logfile you'll then find lines like the following:

Feb 19 21:41:36 video vdr: [9413] cAudioRepacker(0xC1): skipped 24 bytes
to sync on next audio frame
Feb 19 21:41:36 video vdr: [9413] cTSLogger: dumping to file

Please provide me some of these files which were dumped in the "middle"
of a recording. If size matters, you may reduce the number of packets to

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