[vdr] df_xine and Xine-Plugin

. schmand at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 20 13:48:43 CET 2007


in a previous post, someone here gave me the tip to use df_xine with
DirectFB. That works pretty good, beside the osd behaviour.

There is no problem when looking normal television on my 4:3 german tv. But
when I switch to a channel with a movie in 16:9, the OSD gets squeezed
together and it is a pain to read it. I saw the options in the plugin setup,
but I don't believe that this behaviour is normal!?

When I start df_xine with -a 4:3, the 16:9 movie ist shown in 4:3 fullscreen
mode on my tv (picture gets streched) that also does not look good.

I saw posts on this mailing lists from people who start df_xine with -a 5:4,
don't 16:9 movies look streched that way? The OSD always uses fullscreen
this way, that's the positive thing.

Thanks for any advice.



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