[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] New patch: MainMenuHooks

Frank Schmirler vdr at schmirler.de
Tue Feb 27 12:39:23 CET 2007

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007 21:41:28 +0100, Udo Richter wrote
> The service functions are meant to be a solution for plugin-to-
> plugin communication, since in that case there's no access to the 
> other's symbol space. In this case however, the VDR headers can 
> easily be extended, so there's enough room to do a normal interface.

Right, we've been discussing that but opted against an API change. With just
an interim solution in mind we've been looking for the least invasive way to
get what we want. And no need to recompile all plugins.

> For the menu hooks, I would suggest to implement a common base class,
>  that a plugin must derive a copy of, to register a new handler. 
> Basically, the same way it already works for cStatus, or other 
> things like devices and skins.

That would be the cleanest solution. But IMHO a little bit oversized if it
were only about replacing the four mainmenu entries. A new API should rather
give plugins a chance to modify both, contents and behaviour of the standard
menus. That way even multiple plugins could modify the contents of
the same (original) menu, something a dumb "replace whole submenu" feature
would not support.

My upcoming remotetimers plugin should give an excellent example. Currently
it's a copy of the original timers and schedule menu code with some lines
added here and there just to fill in the remote entries. With an appropriate
new API I could simply append the remote timers to the original timers list
and my additional options to cMenuEditTimer. In the schedules menu, I need to
tag remote timer matches and catch the add timer actions. If there were some
well defined hooks, that would not keep anyone from using one of the
alternative schedule implementations. Finally on a pure streaming client it
would be nice to redirect instant recordings to the server by overriding the
red button action in the main menu. However as it should also be informed
whenever the record key is pressed this is rather a candidate for an other API.

I stop cherishing my illusions here. Such an API would require thorough
analysis of the current plugins and major rewrites of VDR and plugins. Still
in the end it won't suit everyone. But maybe Klaus could share his opinion
with us? Perhaps it's worth a try.

> Basically, I think its worth considering such an interface to allow 
> to replace standard dialogs. However, the user should always have 
> the choice whether he wants to keep the originals or use the replacements.

Agreed. That's why in the patch instructions we ask plugin developers to
provide a setup option for this which defaults to "off".


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