[vdr] Removing newline characters from EPG entries.

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Tue Jan 2 07:37:06 CET 2007


I found the following code in epg.c lines 633-636:

  // VDR can't usefully handle newline characters in the title and shortText of EPG
  // data, so let's always convert them to blanks (independent of the setting of EPGBugfixLevel):
  strreplace(title, '\n', ' ');
  strreplace(shortText, '\n', ' ');

AFAIK, VDR _can_ handle newlines in the title and shortText,
as long as they are represented as '|'.
So I wonder if it would not be an improvement to change
the above code into

  // Change newline characters into '|', which will be displayed as newline.
  strreplace(title, '\n', '|');
  strreplace(shortText, '\n', '|');


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