[vdr] vdr on PS3

Darren Wilkinson chipsugar at chipsugar.plus.com
Thu Jan 4 21:55:57 CET 2007

Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:
> Video is inherently bandwith intensive.
> At least (for PAL):
> 720x576x4x25 = about 40MB/s (*)
> 1920x1080x4x25 = about 200MB/s
> And that's taking aside ANY of the other processing. Decoding, IDCT,
> YUV->RGB transformation and so on. Also taking aside the total bandwith
> killer, when you have to scale the material.
> AFAICT the vector cores COULD(*2) help you with the first parts, but the
> rest has to be done by the 3(,?)Ghz RISC PPC-CPU and shoveling that much
> data back and forth may be a bit much, without any acceleration.
> But on the other side the PS3 systems is supposed to have an impressing
> memory-bandwith, which could rescue the day.
> So unless someone tries there is no way to be sure, but for the time
> beeing i'm sceptical.
> IOW:
> - SDTV maybe
> - HDTV no way without acceleration
> *:
> x4 isn't a typo. Most systems use 32 bit per color. 24 bit "packed"
> format isn't used anymore AFAIK.
> *2:
> If you have software that can use the SPUs, but unless someone writes a
> Decoder-Library with SPU support you can only use the Main-CPU.
> Bis denn
Most people AFAICT use vdr for sdtv and while HDTV may or may not be out 
of the question due to bandwidth sdtv definitely isn't. In fact I have 
linux on my xbox which has much less bandwidth than even the ps2 and 
most distros for that have a dvd player.

I am actually looking into a building a working dtv rig for the 
(original) xbox but am much more limited by the "mere" 60mb (64mb-4mb 
for the framebuffer) of memory and others have made mythtv clients for 
it. As someone else pointed out though a PS3 for linux doesn't make much 
sense unless you already want a PS3. Any applications it runs will, due 
to the 88mb ram,  probably *feel* slower than a 1-2ghz pc with 128mb+ of 
ram running an quivalent distro even without graphics accelleration.

Btw here is a website that shows what the ps3 linux can access of the 
ps3's hardware.


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