[vdr] Re: mplayer plugin -> no sound on vdr-1.4.4 ?

Arthur Konovalov kasjas at hot.ee
Sat Jan 6 15:22:10 CET 2007

Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:
> does anyone else observer that the mplayer plugin does no longer give
> sound output with vdr 1.4.4 ? Could it be that the sound device is somehow
> still locked/occupied by vdr ?
> I am using the latest vdr-mp3/mplayer (0.9.15) and it used to work with
> 1.4.1 ... so what changed ?

I had this problem playing avi files with ac3 sound via DVB using latest 
mplayer plugin and mplayer.sh-0.8.6 script.

Problem solved by modify mplayer.sh.conf file.
AC3AOUT="-ac hwac3"
changed to:
AC3AOUT="-ao mpegpes -ac hwac3"


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